A Belgium-based startup with a clear mission to half the cost of sewer management in Europe and to enable a more water resilient world. Our first step in accomplishing this bold mission is by the development of a new sewer inspection robot which allows for an efficient inspection process.

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The Challenge

The sewer network in Europe is roughly around 3 million kms and is ageing. This implies an enormous cost for society and has a significant impact on our environment. Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) constitute nearly 30% of water in the sewer network depleting the ground water table.

As maintenance of sewer infrastructure is very capital intensive and the necessary budgets simply aren’t available, new technologies are essential to address this challenge. To enable sewer managers to go from a reactive to a proactive asset management, new and more efficient inspection methods are needed.

Our Solution

Our Innovative movement mechanism developed in our prototype allows us to overcome obstacles with ease, minimizing cleaning cost.

An operational approach focused on time efficiency: maneuverability above ground enables us to inspect everywhere, maneuverability below ground minimizes the need to change between manholes.

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Our Philosophy

To tackle a complex societal challenge with its many underlying layers, we need more than just technological innovation. Open collaboration and co-creation are essential if we want to succeed.

Our Partners

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